Accommodation Discounts People Do Not Know About

Accommodations can range from dingy motel rooms to luxury penthouse suites, with multiple variations between those extremes. There are travel and hotel booking sites online that offer deep discounts on regular pricing.

The problem with that avenue is that customers do not have a great deal of choice or flexibility with dates or locations. If any changes are made in business or vacation plans, many do not offer refunds. If travel dates are firm, booking through one of those many sites is fine.

Another Way to Get Discounts

In contrast to booking websites, some fine hotels offer better discounts to customers who book directly with the hotel. There are some hotel owners who are not interested in paying a fee to have rooms booked on travel sites that have several other options. This is true of many Apartment Hotels.

The reason is most have spaces with a variety of configurations and amenities. Communicating directly with customers allows the hotel to recommend a space that will enhance the experience and encourage repeat business. One apartment hotel in Melbourne, Treasury on Collins, offers free breakfast and wine in the afternoon for those who book directly.

Consider Nontraditional Accommodations

Trends in where to stay around the world are changing fast. Travelers can opt for an indigenous dwelling, for example, to really learn about their destination. Average people are renting their homes online when they are away. This is convenient and comfortable for a family on vacation, or a group of friends on a weekend excursion.

In addition to an apartment hotel, micro-homes can be rented during a vacation or business trip. Unique spaces, such as tree houses, underwater accommodations, and rooms built into cliffs, are also becoming available more and more to provide something new and different. To break into the market, many unique accommodations offer discounts to first-time guests.

Group Rates

Hotels with special group rates do not always advertise them. It is a wise idea to ask about special rates when booking for a group. Sometimes, discounts are there for the asking. Even if a discount cannot be arranged for the entire group, there may be something possible for one or two members who have fixed incomes or extenuating circumstances.


Booking flights, accommodations, and a rental car from the same site at the same time is another way to get discounts. This is easy, reduces the risks of mix-ups, and can save travelers money. Consider all the possibilities before making a final decision.


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